The Underground Red Road

[Dead Prez] And today in the hood news: Where it might not be good news, but it sure is hood news, we ask what’s really hood with the lock-down of oakland RBG emcee Askari X. With the rumors of being force medicated, the people want real answers. Hold your head soldier. You came for the people and the people will come for you. Free Askari X. Stop the war on the hood. As the P.O.C.C. A.K.A. the Prisoners of Conscious Committee demands, and the Harriet Tubman Code: Leave no brother or sister behind enemy lines. Throw the rope back. Lil chairman Fred Hampton Jr. has put his ear to the ground and has heard the voice of the people.

[Fred Hampton Jr.] Fact is that black and oppressed people been terrorized for a long period of time. It’s been going in the wrong names of the slave and the sharecropping. Police brutality, war on drugs, war on guns, war on gang. We see it as a new age and day on the plantation. We have to start being politically correct. No more referring to it as police brutality, but police terrorism. Not gentrification, but land grab. Not the growing prison industrial complex, but the mass killing of African people inside these concentration camps. Not AID’s, crack, heron, but chemical biological warfare on African color mass people.

[Dead Prez] And on every corner in the hood, George Bush’s government has declared war on the black and brown, with new police terror in the name of patriot acts 1, 2, and 3. In defense of our rights, we now have the African Anti-Terrorism Bill. Look out for more info on your ghetto grapevine.
[Stic.Man] This just in: Kendra James, mother of two, was murdered in Portland, Oregon, and guess what? The pigs got away clean again. Let’s not forget about Floyd Quinones in Brooklyn. And Michael Walker in Cabrini Green. Black people, what are we gonna do? Right on Aaron Patterson. Welcome home to Nashawn Fields. And the struggle continues. And lastly comes strong words from the hood’s two most notorious street tribes. Brotherly Love overcomes oppression domination. And, this is community revolution in progress. What’s really hood? This is Hood news, where it might not be good news, but it sure is hood news.

—   Hood News by Dead Prez off the album Get Free Or Die Tryin [Turn Off the Radio (The mixtape vol. 2 )]
  • 21 July 2012
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